Introducing 'The Bar' - Salcombe Dairy Chocolate - made in Salcombe


Bean to Bar chocolate is a growing market, and Salcombe Dairy started making chocolate in our factory in Salcombe in March 2018. We have our organic Peruvian beans roasted for us to our own specification. The beans are winnowed leaving the Cacao nibs, which are ground for 48 hours with raw cane sugar to achieve a particle size less than 20 microns. They are then conched for a further 3 hours, leaving the essence of the bean within the flavour. We like the Peruvian beans, as they have really interesting fruity  and woody notes. It is then down to our chocolatier to achieve the final shine and snap for a well tempered bar of Chocolate.

'The Bar' is currently available in 8 different flavours, and soon to arrive will be a Salcombe Gin and Sloe Chocolate.

Great Taste Award Gold 2018 - Dark Chocolate with Ginger